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Your Investment Opportunity

Efficient, compact, and multi-unit compounds for residential investment. Better Building will help build your future. Our friendly consultants will meet with you to discuss detailed requirements.


Every development investment is unique due to the nature of landscape, location and budget. That’s why Better Building offers detailed and personalised investment analysis to achieve your investment goals.


Once you have your location of interest, our team will analyse the market for the property surroundings, development potential and review government consent to begin planning.


We can work around your budget to bring maximum outcome of your investment.


We will discuss specific matters such as the number of units, floor design, indoor/outdoor parking, storage and aesthetics.

Time management

We can advise on an estimate of the overall project that will affect the budget.


Better Building is here to achieve your investment goals
and turn it into something substantial.

Returns on Investment

Demand and preference for multi-compound units are ever-increasing. Easy maintenance, affordability, security, workforce crowding in specific areas, and ageing population wanting to sell their large family homes to spend their retirement in a more manageable apartment living has resorted to investors and builders to meet supply in the new modern style homes.

A third of the NZ population is in


The number of new homes
consented to in Auckland in
September 2020


Rise in Auckland new dwelling
consents in the year 2020

Browse our selective modern designs for an estimated budget or plan your own to fit your locatIon.

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At Better Building, we work on all kinds of buildings and renovations – large and small, simple and complex, high-end and affordable. Whatever your project looks like, our team of certified, experienced builders works hard to make it smooth, stress-free, and successful.

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